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What is social engineering and how do I protect my company against it?

Social engineering is the temptation of people to reveal sensitive information...


What is a zero day and how do I protect my company against it?

A zero day is an unresolved vulnerability in software that puts end users at...


You can protect yourself against supply chain ransomware – here's how

Still in shock, the media is suggesting that there is little that can be done...


Who is responsible for the damage in a cyber attack?

In 2021, the Central Netherlands court made a striking decision. and...


What you want to know from your IT supplier in the field of security

Within SMEs there is still the impression that they are not of interest to...


Breaking ABUS Secvest internet-connected alarm systems (CVE-2020-28973)

ABUS Secvest is a wireless alarm system that is marketed at consumers and small...


We help Hospitals - Together against Corona

Introduction NATO, Red Cross, UN and Interpol warned in March 2020 about...

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When the data doctor makes you ill (but we decrypt his ransomware)

What happened? Recently, we were contacted by Aon Nederland Cyber Solutions,...


Undocumented user account in Zyxel products (CVE-2020-29583)

TL;DR: If you have a Zyxel USG, ATP, VPN, ZyWALL or USG FLEX you should update...

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