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How we discovered outdated Windows Servers

Introduction Managing servers is the process of taking care of computer systems...

The story of a real vishing attack: detailed incident walkthrough

Introduction In this article, we'll cover the following: Context on vishing...

Microsoft Teams Chat: the rising phishing threat and how to stop it

Introduction Around mid-September, our Security Operations Centre (SOC)...


Mitigating Cyber Threats with Risk Intelligence

What is Risk Intelligence - and how can it help you? Business leaders...


Hunting for You and Eye #1

Eye Security's ongoing hunt for cyber threats provides valuable insights into...


The silent crisis: IT burnout due to increased cybercrime

Employee absenteeism is rising among IT managers and employees, as are burnout...


Security Alert: Critical Vulnerability GeoServer

We want to bring your attention to a critical vulnerability in GeoServer that...

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NIS2: how will it be transposed in European countries?

The NIS2 Directive is the latest European cybersecurity regulation, aiming to...


When it comes to cybersecurity, insurers set the bar high

The insurance market is now aware that cyber risk is difficult to manage and...

European Union working on new security directive

The impact of the new 'cybersecurity' directive, NIS2, on insurers Although the...

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