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NIS2 and the EU's Top 3 Cyber Laws: High-level Definitions

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May 30, 2024
By: Marcel van Asperdt
By: Marcel van Asperdt
3 June 2024

Cybersecurity compliance can seem daunting. With so many new regulations coming into force – and terms like NIS2 and DORA – where do you even begin? 

Getting to know their names is a good start. 

Here, we’ve outlined some key regulations you might have heard about, and identified who’s impacted by them. 

Cyber Solidarity Act

The Cyber Solidarity Act aims to strengthen the EU's capacity to detect and respond to significant large-scale attacks.

Who’s impacted and how: While there’s no immediate individual impact, the Act improves collaborative cyber posture – for instance, by establishing the <Cybersecurity Incident Review Mechanism> to review incidents, with an aim towards sharing lessons learned.


The Digital Operational Resilience Act (DORA)

High-profile disruptions at European banks have highlighted specific vulnerabilities in this sector. So the EU developed The Digital Operational Resilience Act (DORA) as a detailed framework for managing ICT risk for businesses in the financial industry.

Who’s impacted and how: European financial institutions, specifically.

What does it cover?



The Network and Information Systems Directive 2022 (NIS2)

‘The big one’, aka the EU’s mandatory cybersecurity directive. The NIS2 Directive aims to increase EU cyber resilience by requiring companies to implement security measures that protect their IT systems and networks. These include conducting risk assessments, establishing incident response plans, and reporting significant cyber incidents.

Who’s impacted and how: If your business provides essential or important services in the EU, you’re impacted.

From European directive to the Cybersecurity Act

NIS2 implementation EN

Cyber law isn’t just about EU – it’s about protection for your business

The risk of a fire is 1/5000. Yet most businesses in the EU have controls in place to avoid fires from happening and spreading.

The risk of a cyber attack on your business is much higher at 1/5. And much like a fire, if not contained, it could destroy your business.

So working on your cybersecurity is more than just compliance. It's about taking sensible steps to protect you, especially because you have a digital footprint that outsiders could access. Access our free NIS2 resource hub for more information.


Complete EU cyber protection

As a leading cybersecurity solutions provider for EU businesses, we’re here for your journey. For businesses who don’t have the in-house resources, our full-package solutions can help get ahead by providing 24/7 protection, swift and expert incident response, and even cyber insurance. 

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