Building trust through approachability and support.

With an increasing reliance on automation – and higher security expectations from customers – Jan de Rijk Logistics wanted a cybersecurity partner who understood their business. Find out why Eye was the right choice.

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Keeping business on the road
A collaborative partnership with Jan de Rijk Logistics

For ICT Director Heino Kempers, the industry's heightened reliance on automated processes makes cybersecurity more critical than ever. Customers now expect increased accountability from logistics partners, recognising the far-reaching consequences of operational failures. Not only for Jan de Rijk, but each of their 800 customers. ‘If one link in the chain isn’t working,’ says Fred Westdijk, CEO, ‘the whole chain comes to a stop…[they] can suffer catastrophic losses quite quickly.’   

Despite Jan de Rijk's substantial investments in cybersecurity, a simulated attack exposed vulnerabilities, including difficulties in employee notification, as noted by Wesdijk, ‘you can’t make a Whatsapp group of more than 100 people.’

Kempers acknowledges the challenge of hiring specialists who can keep up with a rapidly evolving cybersecurity landscape. By outsourcing, the company could benefit from having a neutral party who could provide 24/7 monitoring.

Jan de Rijk had been talking to other cybersecurity companies, but, says Kempers, ‘I got the perception that they were more like an insurance policy.’ From the beginning, Eye Security felt more like a partner. He appreciated their focus on mid-sized companies, their approachability and ongoing support. 

The other factor he cites is simplicity. Unlike competitors with overcomplicated plans, Eye Security ‘simply implemented what needed to be implemented.’ ‘The pricing of the service is very transparent and fair,’ says Wesdijk. ‘It's based on endpoints. You have influence on the total price by choosing how you set it up.’ 

Onboarding was seamless – within a couple of days, the company’s 500 endpoints were equipped and ready for monitoring by Eye Security. 

Jan de Rijk cites the collaboration as an example of ‘how partnerships should work’ – with Eye Security not only providing the agreed service but ongoing support specific to their needs. You notice that they inform you about things you need to solve – but also about incidents that have been prevented proactively,’ he says. ‘That builds trust.’

Greater security at every step.

Eye Security’s ongoing support helps Jan de Rijk Logistics focus on their business and customers.

Step 1
Searching for a partner.
ICT Director Heino Kempers talks to other cybersecurity companies that ‘focus on big corporates’ – finding them too rigid and formal.
Step 2
Building trust.
He enlists Eye Security, citing their approachability and understanding of mid-sized business needs.
Step 3
Fortifying cyber defences.
Eye Security implements a simple, transparent, but comprehensive plan that covers every requirement and protects them 24/7.
Step 4
Ongoing support and advice.
Eye informs the company of thwarted attacks and gives ongoing proactive advice to keep their defences updated.
Eye Security was the most approachable, accessible – and fair. Their focus on mid-sized-plus companies like us… made it feel like a partnership from the start.
Fred Westdijk.
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How safe is your business?
5% of businesses we onboard are hacked without knowing it.
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Eye Security Van Der Most Case study Image 4
How safe is your business?
5% of businesses we onboard are hacked without knowing it.
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