Managed XDR

The annual risk of businesses getting hit by a cyber incident is increasing year by year. For many companies, and even entire industries, it’s becoming more and more difficult to protect and insure themselves against cyber damage.

  • 24/7 Managed XDR

    Eye Security delivers a feasible 24/7 Managed XDR solution for all sorts of businesses from start-ups to larger organisations. It quickly identifies and limits the impact of cyber threats without the need for additional resources.

  • Protection

    Customers improve their security posture and are protected against a wide range of threats.

  • Cyber Security Experts

    Customers get direct access to our seasoned cyber security experts and can offload day-to-day security tasks.

  • Insurable

    Adopting Managed XDR from Eye Security will help you get cyber insurance cover.

  • Impact

    Incident response times for our customers, and the negative impact of any incident, are radically reduced.

Limit the impact of cyber threats by adding 24/7 security operations

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