Securing a global manufacturing company.

As reports of ransomware in their industry soared, manufacturing company KeyTec Netherlands decided to take action. Find out how we helped them proactively bolster their defences and create a cyber-savvy work culture.

Eye Security KeyTec Case study Hero
Eye Security KeyTec Case study Hero
The key to enhanced security
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Founded in 1999 by a divestment from Philips Electronics, KeyTec has branches in the Netherlands, China and the Czech Republic. Their Dutch activities include manufacturing high precision metal parts and plastic components from small to mass-volume quantities.

After observing other businesses fall prey to costly, high-profile ransomware attacks, Rik Jaeken, the engineer responsible for IT at the Dutch branch, decided to take proactive measures. A webinar with Aon brought Eye Security to his attention.

While other providers also offered security tests and employee training, “continuous monitoring of our systems with CrowdStrike’s software was really the main reason we chose Eye.” Eye Security worked with their IT provider for a smooth software installation.

Their commitment to 24h monitoring has already paid off, as Eye Security has blocked a USB stick containing a virus, and a deliberate installation of an ERP package. They continue to conduct regular phishing awareness training, creating an ongoing culture of cyber resilience and enhanced reputation with KeyTec’s customers.    

Greater security at every step.

Eye Security helped KeyTec develop robust cybersecurity, with continuous monitoring via Crowdstrike, and ongoing cyber awareness training.

Step 1
Set up review.
Alongside KeyTec's IT supplier, Eye Security reviews and consults on the current set up, testing the systems to understand requirements needed from Eye security’s software and expert support.
Step 2
Seamless roll out.
Eye Security works with the company’s IT supplier to smoothly deploy the security software. ‘Our employees didn’t notice a thing.’
Step 3
Immediate effect.
Minute-to-minute tracking of suspicious activity with all suspicious events tracked, from minor to major. Easy-to-understand feedback on how to make processes better.
Step 4
Cyber culture.
Within four weeks Eye Security’s 24h monitoring is in place. KeyTec employees undergo regular cyber awareness training, improving its frontline of defence.
Not only are we seeing employees improving in signalling suspicious emails, but people are even starting to alert each other if they see something that doesn’t add up.
Rik Jaeken.
IT Manager
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How safe is your business?
5% of businesses we onboard are hacked without knowing it.
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