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Cyber insurance: your safety net in an increasingly risky world

To minimise the impact of a cyber incident, preventive security measures must...


Eye Security sounds the alarm: the chance of being hacked is 1 in 5

In recent years, we have seen an increasing number of cyber attacks on...


6 Cybersecurity Resolutions for 2023 – And How to Implement Them

The new year is a good opportunity for companies to break bad habits – such as...

Antivirus alone does not protect your business - here's why

Many antivirus software providers claim that their product will protect you...

Large scale phishing campaign quickly utilises Legacy Authentication before Microsoft disables it

Security Specialists from Eye Security have observed a rather large phishing...


WinRS and Exchange, a sneaky backdoor

How it started ? On the 10th of May around lunch, our Security Operation Centre...


Are new employees the weakest link in your organisation?

We have all been there: starting a new job can be very overwhelming. There are...

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Log4j Critical Updates by Eye CERT

Introduction Attackers are actively exploiting a remote code execution...


5 tips to secure your company for free

No matter how big or small your company is, everyone has crown jewels: crucial...


How does machine learning help with cybersecurity

Machine learning makes an important contribution to cybersecurity by...

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