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Eye closely monitors threats to your office network and your cloud environment, meaning your threats are detected even when employees are working from home.

EYE act

Whenever your company faces a cyber incident, our Incident Response team is ready to help you get back to business. We are available day and night, even if you are not a client of Eye.

EYE care

The financial damage caused by cyber attacks can be devastating to your business. We take care of the financial damage to completely cover your cyber risk.

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To start off, we’d like to discuss the threats your company faces and how Eye Security could help mitigate these threats.

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After answering all your questions, we will guide you through the steps of implementing the security software.


Your company is now protected against cyber threats 24/7. We will contact you regularly to keep you up–to-date about your cybersecurity.
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Cyber Guard
All-in-one cyber package with monitoring, detection, expert advice and 24/7 support.
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Cyber Guard
All the features of the Cyber Guard package, with awareness training to make your employees aware of cyber risks.
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Cyber Guard
All the features of the Cyber Guard Plus package, with an insurance to guarantee your security.
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Make sure your organisation is protected against digital attacks. Our experts are ready to clear up any doubts you may still have about cybersecurity.

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