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Protection Unit announces an exclusive partnership with Eye Security

April 6, 2023

Saint-Georges-sur-Meuse, Monday 13 February 2023 – Protection UNIT is at the cutting edge of new technologies, always working to provide clients with optimal security and a full range of services. They recently launched their own “Cyber UNIT” for companies in Belgium. After several months of development, Protection UNIT is taking a major step forward and is about to sign an official partnership with Eye Security for Belgium, France and Luxembourg. Eye Security boasts some of Europe’s leading experts among its workforce, including former agents from AIVD and MIVD (Dutch intelligence and security services).

Cyberattacks are increasingly common, ranging from denial of service (preventing legitimate users of a service from using it) to defacement (unwanted changes) to a website being hijacked by hackers. There are various motives for cyberattacks and hacking, such as theft of sensitive data, extortion, sabotage, industrial espionage or fraud. The consequences are disastrous: in most cases, the company is shut down for the time it takes to pay an often significant amount to recover its data, potentially leading to substantial economic damage. It also runs the risk of being fined for violation of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Other collateral damage includes the impact on the company’s reputation: no supplier wants to see its private information circulated; in addition, there may be claims for compensation, legal costs or fees for specialist lawyers.

Today, securing a company needs to go further than a simple annual “penetration test” or specific cybersecurity awareness training. And if some companies think that they are unlikely to be of interest to hackers, they are wrong: regardless of their size, companies who do not prioritise cybersecurity are attractive and easy targets for cybercriminals.

Within SMEs, the fight against cybercrime has often failed to keep up with digitalisation. If technical measures do exist, they may not be well-established, or appropriate to the reality in the field. This is why, to respond to business needs and demands, our Cyber UNIT has prepared an extensive range of services in collaboration with Eye Security. From the first consultation, we provide our clients with a concrete - and up-to-date - procedure they can implement if they are targeted by a cyberattack. This is done through installation of EDR software (CrowdStrike) by Eye Security, response to incidents, and awareness training for active monitoring in the workplace.

Effective cyber insurance completes this defence system by helping to minimise financial losses resulting from cyberattacks and IT breaches. As the number of attacks increases, so do the insurers’ requirements. Through Cyber UNIT, Protection UNIT is addressing these issues with a comprehensive package.

“SMEs are increasingly falling victim to cyberattacks. Today, over 70 % of ransomware attacks – when a company is digitally held hostage – target SMEs. Levels of defence have consistently lagged behind, while the attackers have rapidly become more sophisticated, enabling them to conduct large-scale attacks. Eye Security’s success lies in being able to protect a company within 24 hours from our own Security Operations Center (SOC), and then put in place a cyber insurance policy within 48 hours.”
Anne Masson CEO - Eye Security Belgium

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