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Aon and Eye nominated for Computable Awards

June 16, 2021
The jury of the Computable Awards 2021 has nominated the combined cyber solution of Eye and Aon for an award in the Security & Digital Forensics category. The solution distinguishes itself from the existing offer by its practical and affordable nature and offers SMEs the opportunity to make themselves more resilient against cybercrime with one total package.

Job Kuijpers, CEO of Eye: “Since the beginning of our collaboration, we have believed that the combination of security measures with cyber insurance is the only way in which SMEs can also defend themselves against cybercrime.

Focus on SMEs

Aon and Eye have expanded their collaboration since the beginning of this year, making cybersecurity now also accessible to smaller organisations. It is precisely here that there is often a lack of expertise and budget to take the right measures.
Maarten de Jonge, Senior Managing Consultant of Cyber ​​& Privacy at Aon: “There are numerous measures on the market for organisations with larger budgets, but there was no suitable solution for SMEs, even though a cyber attack can threaten the survival of a smaller organisation. Our total package responds to this.

Proven collaboration

Customers receive a good security package with preventive measures. “By monitoring systems and cloud environments day and night, none of the customers we monitor have been the victim of a cyber attack to date. Although we know that there is no such thing as 100% safety, we can see that this collaboration is extremely effective," says Kuijpers. Should a cyber attack nevertheless take place, a team of experts is ready to extinguish the digital fire. If the customer also has our cyber insurance, most or all of the costs will be reimbursed.

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