EYE assist in case of cyber incidents 24/7

When your worst nightmare becomes reality, Eye is there for you. Our Incident Respons Team is available day and night for cyber incidents. Do you need help now?

 +32 50 893 584 (Belgium)
  +49 211 81995603 (Germany)
 +31 88 6444800 (The Netherlands)

  • Immediate intervention

    As an Eye customer, your systems and cloud environment are monitored day and night. If suspicious internet traffic is detected, we will block it. If a cyber attack does take place, we can intervene quickly to prevent further damage.

  • Isolating systems in the event of cyber incidents

    Eye's software runs on your systems, allowing isolate systems from the network quickly and remotely. This makes them impervious to attacks and preserves the data on your systems. We detect anomalies, such as a sudden drastic change of work location, and respond accordingly and quickly.

  • 4 hours of cyber incident investigation

    The first four hours of help are part of our cyber package. After that, we will discuss whether further assistance is required and the approximate costs. Often, your IT provider can take over after those first four hours to get your systems up and running again.

  • First aid for cyber incidents

    Eye's highly experienced incident response team knows what steps to take in cases of emergency. Our services are available 24 hours a day for victims of cyberattacks, even if you are not yet an Eye customer.

Fell victim to a cyber attack?

Are you unexpectedly confronted with a cyber incident, such as ransomware or the hack of an employee's online account ?

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