Cyber Insurance for companies

What are the financial implications of a cyberattack? And can you afford it if something unexpected happens? Fortunately, you can insure yourself against the damage of a cyberattacks with Cyber Insurance.

  • Cyber insurance for companies

    The financial consequences of a cyber attack can be brutal. Companies are usually unprepared in the event of a cyber incident. Insure your company against cyber attacks with cyber insurance.

  • Cybersecurity protects you from digital dangers

    Entrepreneurs usually think that their business is not an attractive target for cybercriminals. However, the reality is that for a company that does not have a cybersecurity strategy, the digital door is wide open. With cyber insurance you cover the residual risks.

  • Cybercrime has huge financial impact

    When faced with a cyberattack, the chances are you'll have to shut down your business while negotiating with the extortionist. This can lead to high costs, reputational damage and downtime.

  • Cyber insurance for business owners

    A company-wide insurance policy relieves you as an entrepreneur of the financial risks of unexpected cyberattacks.

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