EYE make employees aware of cyber risks

Eye trains your employees to recognize phishing emails, so you can stay ahead of the dangers of phishing, CEO fraud and ransomware.

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  • Cyber risk awareness

    When your employees are security aware, they understand possible threats, what impact a cyberattack can have on the company and the necessary steps to reduce the cyber risk. Cyber awareness is therefore just as important as technical cybersecurity measures.

  • Phishing campaigns to keep employees alert

    Outsmart cybercriminals. We offer customised phishing campaigns at least twice a year to train your employees to stay alert to cyber risks. Fake phishing emails are sent and we observe your employees´ reaction to them. If an employee does click, they are given tips on how to be better armed in the future.

  • Reporting

    We report the results of the phishing campaign to your company, thereby increasing awareness and reducing the chances of employees falling for genuine phishing emails. Furthermore, we measure the security knowledge level of your employees, giving you insight into how these campaigns contribute to the awareness of your staff.

EYE take a step in the right direction

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