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Eye Security and Wilink join forces to strengthen cyber security

June 16, 2023

Brussels, Friday 26 May 2023 - Eye Security, an expert in cyber risk management, and Wilink, an independent broker offering customised insurance solutions, are joining forces in a strategic partnership to strengthen corporate cyber security.

The collaboration aims to establish a close partnership, focusing on regular communication on cyber risk developments. For example, Eye Security will contribute its expertise in prevention, day-to-day best practice, and appropriate response in the event of an incident. By integrating these crucial aspects of cyber security, this collaboration offers invaluable added value for Wilink's customers.

As an independent broker, Wilink provides insurance advice and services to help businesses deal with cyber incidents. However, it is important to stress that even a properly insured company can suffer lasting consequences following an incident. Moreover, some businesses may need more protection to obtain insurance. So, Eye Security and Wilink aim to minimise the financial risks for companies and their managers by helping them comply with security requirements and facilitating their access to insurance.

Two complementary companies

What makes this collaboration unique is the complementary nature of the services offered, the professionalism of each entity and, above all, the human relationships that have developed naturally between the two companies. Eye Security and Wilink want to raise awareness among businesses and help them deal with this constantly evolving form of crime.

The measure of a successful partnership is the satisfaction of our customers. When they benefit from comprehensive, high-quality services, our partnership is achieving its objectives.
- Benoît Tellier, Non-Life Expert at Wilink

This collaboration will enable Wilink to improve its cyber security performance by drawing on Eye Security's expertise. In addition, Eye Security complements Wilink's existing services by providing solutions for prevention, risk management and access to insurance.

Strengthening business resilience

In the face of rapidly evolving cyber attacks, it is vital to be at the forefront of new trends. However, this complex task requires a solid partnership to keep pace with constant developments. That's why our collaboration with Eye Security enables us to stay up-to-date and provide our customers with information and solutions tailored to new forms of cyber risk.

You can find out more about the collaboration between Wilink and Eye Security on the Wilink partner page.

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