IT Anywhere combines forces with Eye Security to secure cyber risk

Zaventem, Thursday 14 December 2022 - IT Anywhere and Eye Security are launching a practical and affordable cyber solution to minimise the risk of a cyber incident. The collaboration offers a modern way to solve digital security and insurability issues quickly and with high quality.

IT Anywhere, based in Zaventem, offers innovative solutions that improve companies' IT infrastructure performance and reliability. For more than 20 years, they have been a trusted IT partner for SMEs in Belgium, and today they are expanding their services to include cyber security.

An essential part of this reliability is, of course, the digital security of all these systems because any interruption of them, e.g. cyberattacks, results in damage that we can't underestimate.

Average damage 375,000 euros

The damage for these SMEs today amounts to 375,000 euros on average, which is why IT Anywhere also needed a partner ready to answer its customers' many cybersecurity questions. Fortunately, SMEs are increasingly aware of cyber risks and the importance of good cyber security. By expanding its services with Eye Security's solutions, IT Anywhere can also meet cybersecurity challenges and eliminate its customers' cyber worries.

"The growing complexity of cyberattacks and their major impact on business means that you can only approach cybersecurity from expertise. Eye Security demonstrated that they have this expertise," said Frederic Reisner, CEO of IT Anywhere

Not just a partner but also a customer

Besides IT Anywhere connecting to Eye Security's security solution, the first customers have already switched to 24/7 monitoring & detection too. "In recent years, IT service providers and their customers have become the main target of cybercriminals looking to scale up their attacks.

So we had to be absolutely positive that we have the best security measures in place ourselves," said Frederic Reisner, CEO of IT Anywhere.

"Since achieving our ISO27001:2017 certification in 2022 (a globally recognised standard in the field of information security, ed.), we were looking for a partner who could help us increase security at our customers' premises. We found this partner in Eye Security. This partnership allows us to apply our security policies to ourselves and customers who want to increase their IT security."

Permanently monitoring

Among other reasons, IT Anywhere chose Eye Security as a partner because they are the only provider that monitors and controls IT security from the workstations themselves rather than by placing devices locally on the customer's network. This approach ensures permanent security monitoring: in the office and remotely at home, for example.

In short, with a growing team of cybersecurity experts, a high-quality, affordable all-in-one security product, and this new collaboration, Eye Security and now IT Anywhere stand together for a safer digital world.

Please find out more about the collaboration between IT Anywhere and Eye Security on IT Anywhere's partner page.

Published on May 15, 2023

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