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No, this is not necessary. Our software has built-in anti-virus software.
The technical team at Eye consists of experienced Security Experts. They are available day and night and actively monitor systems for threats.
Yes, our experts are ready to intervene in cyber incidents 24/7.
Eye secures businesses with EDR technology. This stands for Endpoint Detection and Response. This means that laptops, desktops and servers are monitored 24/7. We also monitor the cloud environment.
Please contact our advisers for more information. You can also call directly on +31 (0)88 6444 888.
We are happy to tell you more about our solution. Please contact our advisors for more information.
We involve your IT supplier even before the implementation of the software, so that we get a good picture of the IT environment. Together, we ensure a stable and secure environment.
At Eye, we work a lot with sensitive data. We therefore take the security of this data and the privacy of your employees very seriously. We do not store data any longer than necessary and work with automated processes, so that our analysts only see data that is necessary for an investigation.
During the annual consultation, we conduct research on your organisation to reveal vulnerabilities and risks of your IT environment. This is not a full penetration test, but it does give a good overview of the attack surface. If you want to have a penetration test performed, we can refer you to our partners who provide these services.


Yes, cloud environments are increasingly a target for cybercriminals. We collect important logging from Microsoft 365 and Google Cloud tenants and analyse it for behaviour, location and other elements.
Eye secures all company computers regardless of where they are located. So home workstations are also included.


Every 6 months, your employees receive a phishing e-mail from Eye. This e-mail tests their cyber awareness and trains them to recognise phishing e-mails.
Yes, we believe that you are only digitally safe if you combine technical measures with raising employee awareness. If employees recognize phishing emails, you reduce the chance of a successful cyber attack.
You have the choice to purchase the awareness package from us. With this you train the awareness of employees in the field of cybersecurity and reduce the risk of cyber incidents through, for example, phishing emails.

Incident Response

If you suspect that you have been hacked, please call our Incident Response line immediately on +31 88 6444800. Even if you are not yet an Eye customer, we will help you.
If a cyber attack occurs on your systems, it is detected by our software. Our Security Team then immediately investigates and, if necessary, isolates systems to prevent further damage. You will be contacted immediately.
Yes, you can call us day and night on our emergency number: +31 88 6444800
When a report comes into our Security Team, they immediately investigate and take appropriate measures to prevent further damage. We will always contact you if there is an incident.


We provide advice to organizations from 500 employees. Contact us for more information.
Yes, we schedule a consultation annually to increase your organisation's cyber resilience. Our experts conduct a prior investigation to identify vulnerabilities and risks of your IT environment. Based on the study, we come up with appropriate advice. This is how you structurally increase your cyber security.

Risk Scan

Based on your e-mail address, a scan is started automatically. When doing so, we scan the domain name on which e-mail addresses are registered. You will receive an e-mail from us before and after the scan is completed. Afterwards, we can contact you for advice without any obligation.
We check the most basic online risks automatically. The scan is limited, because a proper risk analysis takes more time and expertise than an automated tool can provide. If you want a comprehensive risk analysis of your online environments, then we recommend you to have a penetration test performed by a reputable company. We can refer to them in a free consultation if desired.


Your IT supplier is responsible for ensuring a stable IT infrastructure. Eye's services are comprehensive and ensure a safe environment with day and night security and incident response.
After signing the proposal, we schedule an intake meeting in which we explain the installation. After that, the software can be rolled out within two days.
This can be done within 24 hours after the intake interview.
The impact is almost completely unnoticeable. A traditional anti-virus scanner has more impact.
A few minutes per workstation. The installation is unnoticeable for the user.


We collect only the technical metadata necessary for our services such as processes and file names (automated). All information we collect and do not need to do detection & response is hardly viewed by human eyes (automated systems). File content is not collected by default, only if there is a validated incident.
Any information we collect that has not produced a detection is destroyed after 7 days.
Privacy sensitive aspects of a report will not be mentioned by the Eye Analyst in a report if it is not necessary for the follow-up.