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Member of the European Parlement Bart Groothuis visits Eye Security in The Hague

November 18, 2022

Today, November 18 2022, Member of the European Parliament Bart Groothuis paid a visit to Eye Security to mark ‘Entrepreneurs’ Day’, which is organised every year by MKB-Nederland (the Dutch Federations of SMEs). Groothuis has many years of experience within the cyber domain, having held posts such as Head of the Cyber Security Office within the Ministry of Defence. As a rapporteur for the European Parliament, he is actively working on the new EU NIS2 directive which aims to ensure that businesses can improve their cyber security.Eye Security_Bart Groothuis

The visit focused on the increasing cyber threat to SMEs. Experts from Eye Security discussed the cyber landscape and explained how a new form of cyber security can help reduce cyber risks.

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