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Eye Security and Aon Belgium opt for a new approach to cyber risk

October 27, 2022

Diegem, October 27, 2022 - Aon's Cyber ​​Solutions, part of risk and insurance advisor Aon, and Eye Security are launching a practical and affordable cyber solution for companies in Belgium. This distinguishes them from existing solutions in the market and helps to mitigate the risk and consequences of a cyber incident as much as possible. The solution offers a modern way to solve digital security and insurability quickly and in a high-quality way. Thanks to this solution, companies can be secured and insured within 24 hours.

Aon's Cyber ​​Solutions consists of a team of experienced cyber consultants, insurance specialists and crisis managers that support organisations with cyber security and incidents. Many large Belgian companies and medium-sized companies already belong to their field of action. The core of Eye Security, a company specialised in cybersecurity solutions, consists of experts from the European intelligence and security services, data experts and experts from insurers. So it's an ideal match.

Cyber ​​incident costs companies an average of 375,000 euros

Anne Masson, CEO of Eye Security Belgium: “The number of incidents is increasing rapidly and costs our companies an average of 375,000 euros. The IT recovery and the direct loss of revenue for the company in particular contribute to this cost. Reputational damage and the possibly associated decline in turnover can also be very painful. It is therefore imperative that these companies make their organisation as cyber-proof as possible.”

‘Underestimation, costs and lack of knowledge’

Stéfanie Deley, Cyber ​​Expert at Aon Belgium notes that many Belgian companies still do not have their cyber protection in order. She attributes this mainly to underestimating the risk, but also to fear of excessive costs and the lack of specialised knowledge. Stéfanie Deley (Aon): “In the total solution that we have developed together with Eye Security, we organise cybersecurity in an affordable and effective way. We give our customers the assurance that we will minimise the chance and consequences of an incident as much as possible. Acting quickly is the key word here. In the event of cyber damage, we intervene immediately and the insurance covers any costs and damage. The experts then ensure that the company is quickly fully operational again.”

An advantage that leads to better insurability

The data-driven solution makes it possible to fully secure and insure companies within 24 hours. Anne Masson, CEO at Eye Security Belgium: “We have now proven that only the combination of specific technical measures drastically reduces the chance of an attack. We have the right data and can therefore quickly make a better risk assessment, so that we can insure companies immediately. This completely removes cyber risk from the balance sheet for companies.”

The collaboration also improves the insurability of risks. Deleye: “In the past year, we saw that it became increasingly difficult to insure cyber risks. Insurers are rightly calling for more protective measures due to the sharp increase in cyber damage. With Eye Security, our clients can meet these conditions easily and affordably.”

Cyber ​​resilience within budget

By joining forces with Eye Security, Aon's Cyber ​​Solutions is taking the next step in its service provision. Deley: “In recent years, Aon has invested in cyber services for our customers, which means that we now have a diverse and experienced team. The only thing that was missing was good cybersecurity that fits within the budget of our companies. With Eye Security as a partner, our joint services are now complete."

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