Expert advice for businesses

As an Eye customer, you will receive annual advice to take your IT security to the next level. Our experts have decades of experience in the cyber domain and know exactly which steps you need to take to reduce your attack surface.

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  • Our certified experts are at your service

    Customers who choose the Eye package receive a comprehensive specialist advice once a year. We also ensure that you are always kept informed of new developments or threats . This way, you can be sure that, together with nationally recognised professionals, you are building an IT security strategy that continuously adapts to the threats your organisation faces.

  • A qualitative in-depth analysis of your security

    Every business is unique. This means that risks and security are different for each organisation. During our consultations, we discuss the current threats, developments in your sector, recent attacks we have detected, results of phishing campaigns and other elements we find in your network and cloud environment. So you’ll always know what's coming at your business.

  • Specialised experience across industries

    With decades of combined experience, our consultants have gathered enough knowledge that allows them to guide you, whatever your industry. In addition, we go through your IT environment in detail and point out the attacks we have prevented.

EYE help you find vulnerabilities

Eye's free online Cyber Risk Scan helps you understand your company's digital footprint.

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