Howden Belgium and Eye Security join in their mission to increase the cyber resilience of businesses in Belgium

Zaventem, Monday 12 December 2022 - Howden Belgium and Eye Security unite forces to increase the cyber resilience of companies in Belgium. With this partnership, both companies continue the path towards their ambitious growth plans.

Howden Belgium is a subsidiary of Howden Broking Group, one of the world's largest independent insurance brokerage and advisory groups. The Belgian entity was founded in 2020, grew rapidly and now comprises a team of nearly 50 experts with high seniority and proven experience in all insurance classes. Further hires, acquisitions and strategic partners should accelerate this growth in the coming years, which is why they also recently partnered with Eye Security.

Increasing insurability

Eye Security, also founded in 2020, specialises in cybersecurity and aims to make European businesses safer. With a high-quality, affordable, all-in-one security product, they make it easier for businesses to become insurable against cyber risks. In addition to its headquarters in The Hague, Netherlands, the company has a branch in Oostkamp, Belgium.

“Thanks to this collaboration with Eye Security, we can now advise and guide our clients even better in their Risk & Insurance Management regarding cyber risks,” says Peter Bastiaens, Executive Director of Howden Belgium.

Unfavourable gradings

According to Peter Bastiaens, many companies in Belgium still struggle with applying several crucial elements in cyber security. “For example, a high-level SIEM or a SOC (Security Information & Event Management and Security Operations Centre, ed) are of utmost importance in the event of a cyber attack. The situation is only better in the largest companies, but even there, we notice that they outsource this very often. Of course, this also affects the insurability of cyber risks.”

“In the context of cyber insurance, this deficiency means that insurers often give unfavourable gradings with poor conditions. Think limited cover, more exemptions, higher premiums, etc. By partnering with Eye Security, today, we can better advise and guide companies in their Risk & Insurance Management in terms of cyber risks and thereby positively influence this process.”

An excellent match

Eye Security and Howden Belgium are both young companies but already have a lot of expertise today. They committed collectively, both in their way, to improve the insurability of cyber risks facing Belgian companies and have, therefore, become active in Brussels, Flanders, and Wallonia. Through this collaboration, both companies boost their brand awareness and reinforce each other's ambitious growth plans.

Anne Mason, CEO Belgium of Eye Security: “We do not want to scare the companies at all, but rather inform and advise them through partners with proven experience in insurance. Howden Belgium has the expertise needed to activate companies and address cyber issues.”

So, also Eye Security is very excited about this new partnership. “Howden Belgium is a fairly young and, therefore, very dynamic broker, but they do have the expertise needed to activate companies and tackle cyber issues,” says Anne Mason. “This is necessary. We don't want to scare companies at all but inform and advise them through people with proven track records in insurance. That we can do this in Dutch and French is a great added value.”

Published on December 13, 2022

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