How we protect industries

Business industries of all kinds benefit from our cyber security solutions. Find the industry that fits your company profile and discover the ways in which you could be protected with Eye.

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  • Transport and Logistics

    Every minute that a shipment is delayed, costs money. Keep your company moving with a total package that keeps your company digitally secure.

  • Construction

    As a construction company, your focus is on the physical world of bridges, tunnels, roads and buildings. Let us help you with cybersecurity!

  • Finance

    Developments such as real-time payments and PSD2 require that your digital security is able to adapt quickly. Does your organization embrace technological developments in a safe manner?

  • Agriculture

    Agricultural organizations have been transformed into technological marvels in recent years. This makes you more vulnerable to cyber criminals.

  • IT Services

    Not only the security of your customers IT systems is important. Your own systems must also be secure. Eye makes doing business a lot easier.

  • Business Services

    Properly securing your company is a hard requirement if you want to guarantee the continuity of your business. Eye helps you with an all-in-one package.

  • Healthcare

    Healthcare is an industry where a cyber attack can cause life threatening situations. Protect the valuable data of your patients with the all-in-one package from Eye. 

  • Manufacturing industry

    In the manufacturing industry it is extremely important to keep your business up and running, make sure you take effective cyber measures to prevent your company from falling victim to cyber criminals.

  • Other industries

    Adequately cyber securing your company can prove to be a difficult task when dealing with the day-to-day activities that come with running your own business. Eye makes it easier for you with an all-in-one package. 

How can we help?

The experts at Eye are waiting for you to answer any of your outstanding questions. Prepare your company for a potential cyber attack. Get in touch to get advice from our experts.

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